James Bond


Cast   Minimum of 6 Girls & 2 Boys
Duration   10 – 40min show
Costumes   Catsuits, classy dresses, bikinis and tuxedos
Dance Styles   Lyrical, Duets, Tango, Street dance, Jazz
Music   The best of Bond

Extras to compliment the event

• Bond girls in the reception mingling with the guests
• Girls painted gold on a platform in the reception

About the show

Our James Bond theme show is fast-paced, action packed and full of glamour. The music is a medley of Bond soundtracks including the original 007 theme, Goldfinger, Live and Let Die and more. Bond has both the action girls and the glamour girls, fights the bad guys and does it all with a raised eyebrow and a martini in one hand. This is not just a dance show but a spectacle which will leave your guests shaken and not stirred!

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