Wedding Dance

For that all important first dance on your perfect day.

We can help you to create a memorable impression when you take to the floor for your first dance. Our service includes advice on music selection, choreography and full training on all elements of the final routine.

White Diamond Entertainment gives wedding couples the ability to capture the romance of the occasion helping to select the right music and choreographing a dance that is within the capabilities of the Bride and the Groom whether you are beginners or experienced dancers. Your First Dance together will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Your questions. Our answers.

How much time before the wedding do we need?
We build the courses around you. An average course is 4 sessions and the lessons can be fitted around your availability. We’d recommend 6 weeks prior rather than the day before!

My partner can dance already, can I still learn?
We run male only classes as well as mixed classes and we’ll get you dancing with an experienced and patient partner so you can sweep your own partner off the floor!

Do we have to come to one of your dance studios?
Not at all. If you wish to have private tuition in a suitable place then our instructors will gladly come to you.

Can we choose the music to which we wish to dance?
Absolutely. It fact we recommend it. If you are not sure or want our help, then of course we are more than happy to make suggestions.

I’ve got two left feet, can you really get me to dance properly?
All our courses are designed to give you the basic steps that anyone can master. Once you have mastered these, you’ll find you’ll forget both your feet and start to enjoy the dance in a whole new way.